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The Emigrant Mindset

Recently I was listening to a podcast (episode 157 of the EntreLeadership Podcast, to be exact).  In it, host Ken Coleman (the best interviewer around, in my estimation) was interviewing Brian Buffini, an Irish emigrant and entrepreneur.  Buffini was relating an observation of his, that emigrants to America who went from rags to riches shared seven traits.  He went on to say that he believes in these traits so much that he seeks to instill those traits in his own children.  Those traits are:

The willingness to learn
A “do whatever it takes” mindset
The willingness to outwork others
A Spirit of gratitude
The boldness to invest
The willingness to delay gratification
Remembering where they came from

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The Search for Contentment

Many people try to find contentment, they search for it, which is why they fail to have it.  Contentment, like patience, must be chosen, exercised, practiced.  It is not something we bump into or something we find like a hidden treasure.  It is a path, and it is attainable by everyone, not just those lucky few who land on the right square in life.

I would add that moderation is a key to happiness and contentment.  People who live by extremes are very happy, at times.  But then life is bad the rest of the time.  It follows, then, that they get addicted to the high of happiness, and in so doing they forsake so many other things in life, even good things, to pursue the highs.  And thus they ensure a life of chasing, rather than possessing, happiness.

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