Howdy!  My name is Brian Collins. I am a student of leadership, personal growth, and intentional living, which I write about here.

I used to think self-help, personal development, and leadership were boring, non-essential, and trite.  As a result I drifted through several years of life and, one day, looked back and realize I had wasted a lot of opportunity.  I also came to realize that being intentional produces a higher quality life.  And the more I’ve learned, the more I desire to help others grow and make their lives more fulfilling.  Not just for now, but also for the future.  There is pretty much nothing that energizes me more than engaging with an audience in things I’m passionate about and where I believe I can add value to others.

This space is the primary outlet for that desire.  I also enjoy public speaking.

In my day job I’m a tech guy, have been for over 20 years.  I write about some of those experiences over at Most of my tech career has centered around systems engineering with the Linux operating system.

The lone boy sandwiched between two sisters, I live in the Atlanta area with my lovely wife Spring and our wonderful children.  I teach Sunday School weekly to a great group of people at Bible Truth Baptist Church in Griffin, GA.  Our class is not lecture time – I invite questions and interaction.  I find that we all grow together and more deeply in that format.

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A couple of my most popular posts are Are You Feeling Overrun? and The Stairs Are Never Crowded.

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