An appeal to consider how we treat folks who do not look at the virus like we do

For months now we have been fighting against a virus that has possibly caused more problems at a societal level than it has in the medical and health arenas.

One of the primary areas of contention has got to be whether we should wear masks. I have seen data and talked to people on both sides of this issue. And to be clear, “both sides” means this: either we should all wear masks everywhere or nobody should wear masks at all.

From what I have heard, read, and learned, I believe the masks are not going to stop the virus completely, but they do at least help slow down its spread enough to keep our healthcare system from being overwhelmed.

But that’s not really what I am writing about today.

I am writing about the way we treat people on “the other side” of the issue. Not just about the masks, but about other issues surrounding the virus and our responses to it. I have seen the online lectures from friends telling us that we will all die if we do not lock down like hermits. And I have seen the rants by those who insist the virus is no worse than the flu.

And in my opinion they are both wrong.

I can find you links to articles written by well-respected experts in related fields. Some of these articles will support whatever postion you hold. Others will shoot down that same position. No number of articles I share will change anyone’s mind who has planted a flag and claimed ground with a steadfast face.

But again – that is not why I am writing today. Continue reading